Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Mr. Wiggle

I don't write poetry often but here's one of the few. Enjoy!


By: Andrea Allison

Drenched in shadows, he wiggled when he walked.
Filled me with giggles as he creaked and popped.

Mom silenced me every night.
But I always put up a fight.

"He's my friend." I would always say.
She'd shake her head and walk away.

I lay in bed and sigh.
Why does she believe Mr. Wiggle is a lie?

He emerged from the floor.
And provided me with comfort once more.

When I grew up, Mr. Wiggle went away.
I missed him less and less everyday.

Now I'm married with little girls of my own.
We moved into my old childhood home.

Late at night, I hear them giggle.
Whispering, "We love you, Mr. Wiggle."

© Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved

Thursday, December 20, 2018

2018 Christmas Newsletter (Writers Edition)

I know all over the country people send out these little Christmas letters to family and friends listing all the awesome things that happened to their family throughout the year. My family (to my knowledge) has never done one of these. So here's my first attempt.

It was an uneventful year for my family. My writing life is a different story. I feel like I've become more of a grown-up writer in 2018. I purchased my own domain name. I'll say it again. I purchased my very first domain name for my website. That may not be a big deal for some but it is for me. I always wanted one but couldn't afford it. I always had to settle for the free crap. Even though my website isn't some amazing design, it's all mine.

Another grown-up writer moment for me is twenty-two acceptances. I received twenty-two acceptances this year! That's amazing considering I only averaged two or three a year in the past. I finally found a form that works for me. Allow me to send out a special shout out to those who felt my work was worth publishing: Trembling With Fear, 50-Word Stories, Siren's Call Ezine, Moonchild Magazine, Speculative 66, The Infernal Clock (DeadCades Anthology), Shacklebound Books (Chronos and Drabbledark II Anthology), The Drabble and Nothing's Sacred Magazine.

On an even more personal note, I have anxiety. I've had it most of my life but always afraid to admit it. This year has infused me with some strength and put me in searching mode. Searching for better ways to deal with it and comfort in knowing I'm not alone.

To wrap things up, I hope 2018 was kind to you and 2019 is spectacular! Happy Holidays!

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Drabbledark II Live Again

The first attempt to fund this project fell short. Instead of abandoning it entirely, Drabbledark II is getting a second and final chance. Seeing as I have two stories set to appear in this, I would really like to see this happen.

Every little bit helps. Go to:

UPDATE: After two attempts, was unable to secure funding. So, the project was canceled.

Sunday, November 04, 2018

A Few More Things

While 2018 is not entirely over yet, it has been a blessed year. Twenty-one stories accepted. Truly amazing, especially since I averaged only a handful a year in the past. Hopefully that number will grow further before January. But if not, twenty-one is still great.

Anyways, on to the few things.

Trembling With Fear's first anthology is finally available on Amazon. It's a collection of stories and drabbles published on TWF in 2017, including three of my own. 

Then there are the Halloween stories. 

First was a trip to Silent Hill inspired stories at Moonchild Magazine with one of my own entitled "Blank Slate". A little taste: "I ventured into the town no one speaks of to lose myself in its darkness. A trail of whispers followed me until finally being struck with silence."

The next one is among the pages of Sirens Call Ezine's Issue #41. "My Pretty Girl in Red" can be found on page 74. 

Wishing all participants of NaNoWriMo lots of luck!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Just a Few Things

I have a few acceptances to report.

50-Word Stories published my micro "Left You a Note". Something I wrote for Twitter prompt #vss365. Give it a Like if you love it.

I have three Two sentence horror stories (harder to write than you think) appearing in Nothing's Sacred Magazine Vol 4. The magazine won't be released until October 1st but is currently available for preorder. $7.99 for the print edition.

I've had several stories published by Trembling With Fear over the past year or so. They have recently started accepting Unholy Trinities which is basically three connected stories. They accepted my first about a girl and a barrel. I have no publication date to report at this time.

And finally, my micro "My Lost Teddy" will be published in Drabbledark II Anthology (still accepting submissions at this time) and he'll have a friend. A second micro "Poison Apple" will also be included in this book. No publication date to report at this time.

Very excited to have so much good news to share.