Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Most Annoying...

Page-a-Day WC - 555 words

Over the weekend, I watched this movie on Lifetime called Prayers for Bobby. A woman named Mary Griffith was a this religious woman who thought the same as others like her that being gay was an abomination. That is until her son Bobby told her he was gay and later committed suicide. That's when she did a total 180 and became a gay activist and still is 'til this day.

I find it so annoying how ignorant people can be about the subject. The one I love the most: Gays are responsible for the divorce rate. How can they be responsible for that? In most states, they can't get married. There are a number of reasons for our high divorce rate and gays aren't listed any where near the top.

Please...Please...Please. Think before you speak.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Poetry Saves the World

Page-a-Day WC - 434 words

Sheryl Crow's "idea" to save toilet paper may have been beaten. A Japanese group has discovered a poem at eye level in a bathroom stall may help fight Global Warming. There's an actual research study that says it will cut down paper use by 20 percent.

All this time we've been writing our names and "Call so and so for a good time" and we could have been putting our vandalizing tendencies to good use.

No seriously though. I'm scratching my head. How does a poem keep someone from overusing toilet paper?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weather Bulletin

Page-a-Day WC - 370 words

As I said earlier, icy weather has fallen on us once more. Of course, when the roads are iced over, all the idiots are easier to spot. You know, they are the ones who tear up someones yard and run in to people trying to drive two feet. My mom received a taste of this today.

My brother works as a host at Olive Garden. On their way home, they had to drive up this hill. It's not tremendously steep, but when you factor in ice, the task becomes increasingly difficult. Several people before them were swerving all over the road and spinning tires trying to climb it. My mom chose a different method.

She made my brother get out and help push the car up the hill. They are weaving through all these cars stuck on this hill. Of course, all these people are cursing under their breaths as they were doing this. I think it's funny as hell.

Considering what happened a couple of years ago, you'd think people would be more prepared for this.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

He's Fixed

Page-a-Day WC - 735 words

Our little dog Roscoe was fixed on Friday. He was at the vet for a few hours and then we picked him up. He's all bruised now. The vet said he won't be completely healed for about another week.

The purpose of all this wasn't to keep him from reproducing but to also calm him down. I haven't seen much difference. He still growls at everyone and wants to play. The whole growling thing is more on my mom than anything. One minute she's telling him to stop and behave. The next, in a playful manner, she's encouraging him. The dog is confused. Getting him fixed won't change that, but whatever.

Oh and the word count listed for today is actually the combination of today and Saturday. I should be writing that much per day but baby steps...

Friday, January 23, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Word Can

Page-a-Day WC - 380 words

Years ago, when I was in high school, a friend of mine gave me a gift. It was a little paint can filled with candy. I can’t recall why I was given this. The candy wasn’t all that, but the container was cute. I kept it all these years looking for a way to resist the urge to toss it and instead, recycle it for another use. I think I found one recently. Behold….The Word Can!


It’s nice and groovy, right? The purpose of the Word Can is simple. A common writing exercise to get the inspirational juices flowing is to use a list of random words to create a story. It’s like a MadLib in reverse.

I wrote words and phrases on slips of paper, folded and tossed them in. Whenever I feel blocked, I can draw several out of the Word Can and write. Just another tool to keep working on my goal for this year.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On Its Way

Page-a-Day WC - 388 words

I ordered a couple of books. Ironically, they are both in diary form. The first is The Diary of Ellen Rimbauer. If you've seen the movie Rose Red then you should have an idea what I'm talking about. When this book first released, we bought a copy. No clue where the heck it went. My mom thinks her third husband took it with him when he moved out. Of course, I can't call him up and ask because....well....he died a while back. I left buying a new one or in this case a used one.

I went on Amazon and looked it up. I couldn't believe what I saw. A brand new hardcover copy of this book runs for $80 on that site. $80! We paid like $25 for ours. It certainly required a double take. Since I didn't have $80, I went for a used copy for $10. It's better than nothing.

The second one I've wanted to read for a while. I saw the old black and white movie with Millie Perkins and Shelley Winters. A totally good movie. I had to get my own copy of The Diary of a Young Girl by: Anne Frank. Of all the Holocaust books, it's definitely one of the popular and most sad books.

We read several books by Holocaust survivors but for whatever reason this one was never on the syllabus. Don't know why. I guess it's become the obvious choice and wanted us to read about others who were in concentration camps.

I can't wait to get both of these books. Often checking the mail...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cookie Time!

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It's cookie time! Little girls all over the world have set out to sell sell sell. Girl Scout cookies are the best. Love me some Samoas. We always knew when it was Girl Scout cookie time because the little scouts would set up their tables outside of Kmart and Walmart. There's a little girl in our neighborhood that is a scout. I hope she comes our way. I NEED ME SOME SAMOAS!!

Once upon a time, I was in the Girl Scouts. I was a Brownie which is the 2nd and 3rd grade group I believe. I didn't stay in it long. I had to drop out because of parental scheduling problems. Didn't have anyone to take me to and from the meetings and activities. Or at least that was the explanation given to me. I still have my sash with all patches sewn on. I kept my handbook too but I don't know where it went.

Oh and Barack Obama was sworn in as our 44th president today. WooHoo!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Andrea Trivia

Page-a-Day WC - 335 words

Something you didn't know about me: I stepped on a slug barefooted. I was doing laundry one night. When I finished, I walked upstairs and squashed him accidentally. It wasn't pleasant.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bolt The Game

Page-a-Day WC - 380 words

I'm still new to the Nintendo DS game experience. I've only had mine for four months. I received Bolt the game as a gift and I'm so glad I did.

I haven't seen the movie but the game is not all that. I have five games to my name so far and this one is the worst. Something has to be wrong if I can play a game from start to finish and only die once, trying to figure everything out. The storyline portions are more like a PowerPoint presentation. The object of the game is to find and rescue the girl's father, but at the end of the day you don't even rescue him. And the game is based on the TV series in the movie instead of the movie itself. You know it's bad when you go online looking for cheats and walkthroughs and you can't find any.

I think the highlight for me was the last challenge. Bolt has to disarm a bunch of missiles. I guess to make it more difficult, at times he loses his grip and hangs on by a paw. It looks more like he is humping the damn thing than anything else.

I don't know about the movie but the game is not worth your money or time.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I See Wooden Faces

Page-a-Day WC - 315 words

Blogger has decided not to cooperate tonight. So, instead of a picture and a caption, you get lots of pretty words.

Do you know what pareidolia is? It can be best described as seeing the face of Jesus on a burnt potato chip or finding familiar shapes in the form of clouds. It's how we are wired.

Lately, I have spotted three different faces on two of the doors in my house. One looks like it belongs on a Halloween pumpkin. Very creepy. The second which is kind of attached to the first has more of a Mardi Gras appeal. So does the third one I spotted on my bathroom door.

I don't know what is going on. When me and my mom moved here about five years ago, I didn't notice any of this. All of a sudden, I'm seeing faces on every door and can't really take my eyes off of them. Next thing I know, some ghost shrink is going to pop up and ask me about my relationship with my mother. Just very strange.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Survey Madness

Page-a-Day WC - 288 words

They say you can earn some extra cash by taking surveys. I was reading a techie advice column in my local newspaper and a few survey cash earning sites were recommended. I hate these sites because I rarely qualify for any of the surveys. Therefore, never really earn any money. I still signed up for Survey Savvy against my better judgment.

Like all survey sites, you get paid a certain amount for every survey you qualify and take. The amount you can earn ranges. I received one opportunity worth $1 and another for $50. They also have drawings for $10 to $50 prizes even one for $500. It all sounds good in black and white but again you have to qualify for the surveys first. What do you think?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stud No More

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Preditors & Editors Poll - 1 day left to vote

The dog in the picture above is Roscoe, a blonde dapper dachshund. He may look all cute and innocent but he is anything but that. My brother bought this dog a few years ago shortly after getting his ex one like him. Not clear as to why.

Now, my brother has this bad habit of getting dogs, taking care of them for a short while, and then slack off on the job. Therefore, they become our responsibility. Roscoe was no different. He went from being my brother's dog to my mom's and he is extremely protective. We don't need no stinking doberman. We got him.

He has this bad habit of biting the hand of those who play with him. It's just not nice. However, momma thinks she has a good idea. She consulted with a vet and now is thinking about getting him fixed. Poor dog is getting snipped. I feel kind of bad for him even though he keeps trying to use me as a chew toy.

This is going to be interesting...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Most Annoying

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Back by unpopular demand is a blog segment I call "Most Annoying". I have a younger brother who has proven to be one of the most annoying people I've ever met. I need to vent my frustrations. Why not here.

This week's "Most Annoying" topic is hair. I share a bathroom with two guys. One has somewhat of an understanding of the word "clean". The other, being my brother, not so much. Every time he shaves, trims, whatever, there is hair everywhere: on the sink, faucet and counter. Hair. Hair. Hair. He doesn't bother to clean it up. He just leaves it.

I swear he does it just to bug the hell out of me. He gets off on it and it's just not right.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It Just Won't Go Away

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National Delurking Week - Last Day

Today was the last day of National Delurking Week. I hope you gave your favorite blogs some luvin'. Now on to the topic of the day.

You ever have a song stuck in your head? The same tune playing over and over as if to torture you? I have a similar problem.

Sometime earlier this week, I watched an episode of Family Guy. I think it was the one about the Leafers. The show transitions from just about the Leafers to Lois learning karate to her being a sideshow. For one brief moment, she flashes back to the last time she was a sideshow freak. She was a little girl in a caveman outfit bouncing up and down on a trampoline saying "Me likey bouncy". Now, I can't get that phrase out of my head.

Me likey bouncy. Me likey bouncy. Me likey bouncy. My God it won't go away. The moment I think it's out of my head, it jumps right back in. Me likey bouncy. Me likey bouncy. I found it quite hard to write tonight's page.

I swear I'm going to pull a Jack Torrance and write "Me likey bouncy" over and over before I'm rid of it for good.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Free is the Best Word

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National Delurking Week - Day 6

Who doesn't love free stuff? They say you get what you pay for but when you don't pay for it, what do you get? Ok, enough with the riddles.

I have a site for all you techies out there. It's called Giveaway of the Day. Everyday, they offer a free download of software. From Cd burning to calendars to the right virtual medicine for your computer boo boos. They have a little of everything. Not all of it is the best of the best though. Overlook the bad for the good.

If you're a bit computer illiterate like myself, read the comments. Each download has tons and you'll get an idea of what is good and what isn't. Want some variety? They also have free game downloads. I am hooked on Aqua Words. I'm a writer. What do you expect.

There are stipulations. You only have twenty-four hours to download and activate the software. Though that's not as bad as you think. Some come back up in rotation. You don't download today, you may get a chance later on. Another thing, you don't get free technical support. In other words, if you aren't a techie, you better know one.

I learned about this website during Nano. I learn about a lot of useful sites during Nano. If I can get free writing software, I'm all for it. Don't you agree?

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Parking Wars

Page-a-Day WC - 318
National Delurking Week - Day 5

Last weeks Scrubbing Bubbles poll ended with a tie between the yeses and Brad Pitts. So, I guess the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner would be used as a body wash by someone and Brad Pitt is still a hottie. On to this week's poll.

I don't think there is a single person in the world that likes parking enforcement officers a.k.a. meter maids. Who wants to run back and forth to feed the meter its metal treats to keep their parking spots? It's the most annoying thing to when you're trying to concentrate on other things.

You know the meter maids are hanging around especially when a meter is close to expiring. A&E's show Parking Wars proves that. They hover just waiting for the opportunity to pounce on their prey. They've been accused in the past of using shady practices in order to raise revenue for local authorities. In my opinion, the whole thing needs to reevaluated.

However, there may be an answer to our prayers or at least the French get a reprieve. Local authorities in France are installing new parking meters that sends an alert to police when a vehicle overstays their welcome. They are also in the process of expanding the system to register cell phones. When 5 minutes are left on the meter, a text message will inform the driver. More time can be purchased through the phone. If the text is ignored, a ticket is issued and sent to their homes. In other words, no more meter maids.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I Got Paid!

Page-a-Day WC - 259
National Delurking Week - Day 4

I have some exciting news to share. You know the kind where you jump up and down wildly, screaming so loud people in Russia can hear you. I would love to leave in you suspense with a round of the guessing game but I can't hold it in any longer. I’m officially a paid author!!!

Ok so $7.12 isn’t exactly the kind of cash you want to throw on the bed and roll around in. I guess I'll have to save up for that moment but it’s something. I held the check in my hand and it hit me. My short story and poem were published and I got paid for it. It feels really nice or rather FREAKIN' AWESOME!!

All you non-writer people have to realize I've been writing since the fourth grade, learning and building up to this moment. This is a HUGE thing. Like Britney Spears getting sober huge.

I submitted a short story to Pseudopod last month, another paying market. Finger’s crossed lightning strikes twice in one month.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Are You Kidding?

Page-a-Day WC - 391 words
National Delurking Week - Day 3

A boy went missing ten years ago and has yet to be found. A sad story, right? You hear about ones just like it all the time unfortunately. Here's the twist in this one. His parents or rather foster parents didn't bother to contact the police ten years ago. That's right. He's been missing all this time and no one has been looking for him. What excuse could they possibly have for their behavior?

The Hermans, his foster parents, stated he had a history have running away. They assumed he found a sibling or his biological parents and went back to them. Sounds like a reasonable explanation to me. NOT!!!

It doesn't matter if he had a history of running away, which hasn't been confirmed yet, and wandering back. There's no excuse for not reporting a kid missing especially for ten years. He was just a kid and they were too lazy to care. They live in Kansas where it's against the law to not report your kid missing as it should be. I hope they do get their asses thrown in jail. What the hell were they thinking?

Keep Adam in your thoughts and hope he is still alive and well.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Flash Me

Page-a-Day WC - 320 words
National Delurking Week - Day 2

I received some money for Christmas and decided to invest in my first flash drive. I know. It's a huge step. I'm half expecting my mom to pop up somewhere with a camcorder. Oh wait. She doesn't have one. Thank God for that. Embarrassing pictures are enough to bare.

Like I was saying, I'm thinking about buying a flash drive. I started my search on Amazon which turned out to be a huge mistake. I was looking to purchase something cheap and simple. Amazon is not the place for that. Even narrowing down my search, I still had like 800 to choose from. I now know how some guys feel on picking wedding china.

I'm not very techie. I don't know which ones are better than others. I can only judge by shape and even that has proven to be difficult. I mean how many people are in the market for flash drives shaped like thumbs, bombs and wooden sticks?

This simple task has become overwhelming. Therefore, I have opened the floor to you all. What flash drive do you use? Satisfied with your choice?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Comment Already

Page-a-Day WC - 316 words

National Delurking Week started today. That's right. There is an entire week dedicated to commenting on blogs. I guess the lack of participation epidemic got too out of hand and someone decided to do something about it.

I didn't want to seem like some buzz kill. So, I looked upon my blogroll and noticed an alarming situation. Most of my buddies blogs haven't been updated in months even years. I gasped at this discovery. OK, I'm being a little melodramatic but it's nice to know I'm not the only one who wasn't very blog social last year.

Back to the subject, National Delurking Week means you comment on the blogs you read instead of rummaging through their virtual unmentionables without treating them to a YouTube clip first. You can say whatever you want: hi, Purple People Eater or even boogity boo. Just show them you care.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Automatic Shower Cleaner

Page-a-Day WC - 274 words

We have the Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Shower Cleaner in each of our bathrooms. Well, mine has an older model. Mom treated herself to an upgrade. Have you ever looked at the precaution label on the cleaner bottles? It specifically states it's not a body wash. I would like to know who would actually consider using it as a body wash. Vote in the poll.

Oh and don't forget to vote for me in the Preditors & Editors Poll. January 14th is the last day. VOTE FOR ME!!!! You're going to make me beg, aren't you? My name is Andrea Allison if you didn't already know. Hint Hint

Friday, January 02, 2009

Love to Death

Page-a-Day WC - 240 words

What is with all these"love" shows on VH1? Flavor of Love. I Love New York. Rock of Love. Is it funny as hell to watch people embarrass and beat each other up over a guy/girl they probably won't end up with anyways? You betcha. But the great minds of VH1 has beaten this horse down pass the crust in to mantle territory. It's been played out so much I'm actually starting to miss Celebrity Paranormal Project. Well not really but you get the idea. With dating reality shows, they need to come up with a new idea and quick.

Speaking of TV, the comedian Jeff Dunham will be on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno Wednesday. If you don't know who he is, I suggest you Google him. In my opinion he ranks right up there with guys like Terry Fader if not better. After I saw one of his comedy specials on Comedy Central, I swear I felt like I had seen him before. I keep thinking he made a stop at my high school awhile back and did his thing with his puppet Peanut.

Does anyone know if he performed at high schools or not?

Day One

I made one resolution this year. That was to write one page a day (except for on Sundays). Today I wrote 236 words on my Nano '07 project and I have the photo to prove it. There's a whole bible thing going on here if you haven't noticed. The words in black are the new stuff.

In other news, I dipped in to my Christmas money and bought a copy of A Medley of Fiction: an Anthology. I have a short story and poem in it. So, it's a good investment on my part. I was required to pay for it through Paypal. I can't stand Paypal!!!

You have to have a bank account or sign up for one of their credit cards in order to verify your account. You can't make any transactions of almost any kind until you verify your account. Most of the time I'm broke. So, don't really need a bank account right now and I'm damn sure not going to sign up for their credit cards. The only reason why I even have an account with them is for all the ezines/magazines who pay only through Paypal. If they didn't send checks, I'd pull a Britney to the extremes and yank all my hair out.

By the way, my website is on the nomination list for the Preditors & Editors poll. VOTE FOR ME!!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

About Me

My writing career began the day I found out I won 6th place in the Culture Arts contest sponsored by the PTA in the fourth grade. After that I continued to write short stories for myself. In fifth grade, I was one of ten chosen winners in a DARE essay contest. I received metal along with other promotional gear. I won 6th place at UIL in the Ready Writing category when I was in the 8th grade. In high school, I continued to write but didn't really enter in any contests or anything. I mostly wrote short stories for my friends, upon their request, and myself. In 2008, I completed the Basics of Writing course provided by Long Ridge Writers Group.

As of right now, I have written over 30 short stories and 2 poems. Two of my short stories have won small website sponsored writing contests. Several short stories and poem has appeared in print and online magazines/anthologies.

I currently live in Collinsville, Oklahoma surrounded by gremlins.

A New Day

The old is out and the new is in. A new template. A new layout. Even a new name. It's still a WIP. I use to maintain my blog the old fashion way with all the coding but I made a switch to the new Blogger system and am in the process of still figuring everything out.

As I sit here writing this post, my mom is cooking black eyed peas and later corn bread to ensure luck or fortune or whatever. Does that really work? My mom did the same ritual for 2008 and luck and fortune weren't exactly the highlights. I hate black eyed peas but yet I'm tempted to cram a few down my throat and see what the big deal is.

Why does it have to be black eyed peas anyways? Why can't it be mac-n-cheese or corn dogs?


A Dark Sunset in A Medley of Fiction Anthology January 2009
Blood Diary in A Medley of Fiction Anthology January 2009
Tornado Luck in Long Story Short Magazine July 2006
Time Wasted in Runes E-zine Fall 2005
Tornado Luck in Stories of Strength Anthology ( October 31, 2005
Blood Diary placed 2nd in Runes/Granite Towers contest, in Runes E-zine Winter 2005
Time Wasted won monthly contest February 2005
Tornado Luck won monthly contest February 2005
A Dark Sunset in Runes E-zine Spring 2005