Monday, January 28, 2013

Goodbye Duotrope

If you haven't heard already, the fabulous market website Duotrope has gone from a free service to now available to paid subscribers only. For $5 a month or about $50 a year, you can enjoy all the features you use to get for free. I understand they put a lot of hard work in to the site and was having problems being compensated for it, but I feel they went about this switch up the wrong way.

The supposed "free" features still available are fairly nonexistent.  I received the last shred of hope in my inbox this morning in the form of a monthly newsletter. It contained the first three listings for paying and nonpaying markets and not much else. Why go through all the trouble to provide almost no usable information for those who can't afford your prices?

This is me officially saying goodbye to Duotrope. The last couple of years have been fun but it seems you prefer your new/old playmates who have deeper pockets than myself. I wish you well.

Welcome my new best friend.....The (Submission) Grinder!!!