Friday, September 30, 2011

Should I Nano?

October is fast approaching. Some writers are starting, if they haven't already, to develop ideas and strategies for this year's National Novel Writing Month extravaganza. However, I have yet to determine whether or not I want to participate in this year's activity.

Of course, I made the same proclamation last year and ended up participating anyways. Will November be a repeat? In some regards, I'm an overachiever and will take on the challenge any day of the week especially since I know its an obtainable goal. This leaves me with the option of raising the bar. Push myself a little harder in to that horizon...

Or, I can spend the month watching True Blood and eating pie (gaining weight I certainly don't need). Maybe throw in a little Supernatural for good measure. I guess in 31 days (and counting) I'll surprise myself.

Monday, September 19, 2011

How Long Has It Been?

I can't believe it's been several months since the last time I posted here. I'm totally slacking this year.

I doubt anyone was really holding their breaths over the results of the contest. As I predicted, I didn't win. I wanted feedback and feedback is what I got. Despite only a handful of entries, I didn't really receive a lot of comments on my novella. I'm not really reading in to that. The judge pointed out sections I already knew needed work (didn't have time to do extensive edits at the time). Overall, it was what I expected it to be.

I bow my head in shame for the lack of actual writing and submitting this year. I've been catching up on book reviews for Ghost Stories as of late. However, I have been doing a little market research. Hopefully, I'll get some submissions in before the year ends.

My birthday was Saturday. I received my gifts a week early in the form of a new DVD player (my old one was on its last legs), DVDS (including Season 3 of True Blood and a collection of other horror movies. Yay!) and a new flat iron to replace my old one. So, I wasn't really expecting much on the day of my birth other than birthday wishes from family friends and maybe a cake. The surprise came in the form of "Happy Birthday" balloons. I can't remember the last time I received "Happy Birthday" balloons. It was quite unexpected.