Friday, August 28, 2009

Rejection x 2


Thanks for your submissions to Tweet the Meat!
We will not be using any of your submissions this week. They were both good, especially the first one, but we've published a glut of cannibalism-themed stories lately.

We would like to encourage you to submit again.

Theme for 8/29 submission period: Fetish (Use your imagination)

(This week's secret tip: During our 8/22 submission period, we are also going to accept one or two stories with the theme of "Leather")

Theme for 9/5 submission period: Freak Show
Theme for 9/12 submission period: War

Thanks again for your continued support.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Saturday, August 22, 2009

History Saturday

Did ya know that Mary Surratt was the first female in the United States to be executed? In 1865, she was arrested and charged for conspiracy and with aiding the assassins and assisting their escape. Who was she accused of conspiring against? President Abraham Lincoln.

After her husband died, Mary moved with her two kids, Anna and John Jr., to Washington D.C. Her Surrattsville Tavern was being rented to a man named John Lloyd. To make extra money she began renting space in her Washington D. C. residence as well. During the Civil War, John Jr. became a confederate spy and messenger. He met John Wilkes Booth who became a regular at the Surratt boardinghouse.

Some believe Mary knew about the kidnapping but not the assassination plot about President Lincoln. As many reported conspirators came and go in her home, it's possible that through Booth's charm she turned a blind eye. Some women are willing to ignore a man's faults despite it all, but I have to say I have much sympathy for her. She was looking for some affection especially since her husband, some believe, may have turned her into a prostitute at one point. Booth provided that for her whether or not he cared for her or not.

She was arrested on April 17th. She was tried along with seven other men but claimed her innocence the whole time. The jury voted for the death penalty but also recommended mercy considering her age and sex. The recommendation was to give her life in prison, but in the end she was sentenced to death by hanging.

As the day approached, it is said that her daughter Anna went to the White House and spoke with the first daughter, pleading for her mom's life. However, she was told nothing could be done. On July 7, 1865, Mary Surratt along with the seven men was executed. She pleaded her innocence up to the very last second. She is buried in the Mount Olivet Cemetery in Washington D.C. Her son John Jr. was also tried as a conspirator but resulted in a hung jury. He was eventually let go.

There are claims that she haunts the two locations: Mary Surratt's boarding house (which is now Wok 'n' Roll Restaurant) and the Surrattsville Tavern. To learn more about Mary Surratt visit the Abraham Lincoln Research Site.

Reading Too Much

Even though I’ve been writing for years, I’m still fairly new to the publishing side of the field. What frustrates me the most is all the advice. The line between what’s right and wrong are blurred most of the time. I often feel confused. The latest confusion is reading too much.

Writers tell you to read when you are first starting out. You can learn so much from those who have succeeded in writing: techniques, approaches, etc. I read an article by Noelle Sterne in The Writer about not reading too much while your writing. I can understand the point of that. You don’t want to become too envious or start writing in their style. You strive for originality. My question is: When are you suppose to read?

I write horror. Developing an original idea in this genre is very difficult. So much has already been done. Reading is kind of crucial in this case. However, if you’re someone who is constantly producing material, when do you fit in reading time? When you need inspiration for a scene? Is there really a such thing as reading too much? If so, do you think reading deprivation is crucial in finding our own voice?

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to School

There's this scene at the beginning of You've Got Mail where Tom Hanks character emails Meg Ryan's about Autumn. That he would go out and send her a bouquet of sharpened pencils if he could. Every year in August, I feel like doing the same. All the stores have the Back to School sales. I just feel like going on a big shopping spree.

Counting down the days til the season premiere of Supernatural, Sept. 10th! Can't wait to see how they defeat Lucifer....that's IF they do. I certainly hope they do....

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Didn’t Win :(

Page-a-Day WC – 1,233 words

The results of the Authors By Design Horror Contest have been posted and my little story didn’t win. Oh well. The winning story will be published on the AbD blog.

I’m over 10,000 words in to the AbDWriMo with four days left. Totally going to make the goal.

Also found out that my step-grandpa passed out, threw up and had a mini stroke on Monday. The latest update reveal no change. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers please.

Friday, August 07, 2009


Still haven’t heard about my submission to the Authors By Design Horror Contest. It ended last week. Don’t know when they will make the announcement. Unless there was a lack of submissions, I don’t think I’ll win much less place. Wrote my story in a hurry and edited it even more so in a hurry. Wasn’t totally satisfied with it when I sent it in but didn’t have time to mess with it anymore. Oh well.

I’m currently participating in the latest Authors By Design Writing Month except this time it’s part writing part editing. Took a vote it was split. So, we’re doing both. We’re currently six days in to it and I’m not anywhere near where I should be. Feel a bit bad about that especially since Nano is just around the corner, but at least I’m trying.

We’ll see……

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Debate Begins

Soft vs. Hard lead pencils

I don’t use regular pencils anymore. I made the switch to mechanical ones a long time ago. However, during my school days, I always preferred soft lead pencils. They were easier to sharpen. I didn’t have to stand at the pencil sharpener forever watching the pencil get shorter and shorter as the point breaking off after each round. That was so annoying. Problem is soft lead pencils were always harder to find. Totally sucked.

Which do you prefer?