About Me


Andrea Allison was born on September 17, 1983 in a Texarkana, Texas hospital with a heart murmur which, a rarity among infants. At the age of 3, she entered in to the Little Rock Children hospital to surgically correct the murmur when it began causing an aneurysm.

She grew up in a small Texan town called Maud until moving to Redwater at the age of nine when her parents divorced. She spent most of her young life being passed back and forth between her parents. When she wasn't tending to family responsibilities, her writing career began in the fourth grade after placing 6th in an essay contest sponsored by the PTA. A year later, her next essay was one of ten chosen in a D.A.R.E. essay contest. A third essay placed 6th in the Ready Writing category of the University Interscholastic League in the 8th grade. She moved to Oklahoma a year after graduating high school in 2003 and it has been her home ever since. The crazy Oklahoma weather often makes her wish was still in Texas.

Her first taste of publication came in 2005 in Runes Ezine. She completed the Basics of Writing course provided by Long Ridge Writers group in 2008.


After ten years of hard work and persistence, I have been blessed with many opportunities and publications. One project I'm most provide to be apart of was my story "Tornado Luck" published in Stories of Strength Anthology alongside Wil Wheaton, Orson Scott Card, Robin Lee Hatcher, Jenna Glatzer (Editor) and many more amazing writers. This book was put together to raise money for disaster relief charities after Hurricane Katrina. My work has also appeared on Flashed in the Dark Ezine, No Rest for the Wicked Anthology, One Forty Fiction, Trembling With Fear, and Speculative 66.