Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Stewie Rocks!

The lack of posts equal the lack of drama and productivity. My sincerest apologies. Okay, so they're not so sincere but I know there is a "sorry" in there somewhere. I did update my website a little. "Tornado Luck" was retired to the "Free Stories" section. May not be written to perfection but it's one of my favorites from my Contemporary days.

I'm also an official member of Goodreads. Received my author status thanks to a little anthology entitled A Medley of Fiction. I've only seen my name in print twice but it still makes me all giddy. You can find my ugly mug at

And for your viewing pleasure, this is Stewie with his version of Bryan Adams' (Everything I Do) I Do it For You. Enjoy!

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Told You So

I knew all that good luck would go on vacation with the polar bears. I'm hating this week already and it's only Monday.

First, our computer phone line died. A call was made to the phone company and their response stated we may not get it back until Wednesday. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Second, I've been expecting several packages in the mail. Never really had a huge problem with mail getting here in a timely matter. Someone new must be working at the post office because I've gotten nada. Been waiting a few weeks for some and has yet to show. I swear one day all the mail and packages I was suppose to get will miraculously appear on my front door step. It'll be a happy day. I may even smile.

Last, it seems I may have to send in a withdraw to Apollo's Lyre. Been waiting for over two months for a response to my submission. Sent in a query. A whole lotta nothing in return. I hate when editors feel the need to not even send you a courteous email to say they are backed up or just don't care in general. After I do the honors, I'll have only one submission in limbo. *sigh* I started the year out so well.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Supernatural News

It's time for some Supernatural News. All of the guys have signed on for the new season, including Cas and Bobby. They've already started filming at the beginning of this month and started with the fourth episode. Why? Because the fabulous Jensen Ackles is directing it!!! In this episode, Bobby takes center stage. We'll get to see what he's made of as a leading man.

I have to admit I like the move from Thursday nights to Fridays. Thursdays are grocery night here. I don't have DVR and always managed to miss parts of the show. Thanks to reruns I can catch up on what I missed. Don't know if the move is good for the show in general. Hopefully, it won't lose viewers.

Season six premieres on September 24th!! Totally can't wait! Obsessively counting down the days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grinding My Gears...Again

I don't have anything to report on the writing front. So I'm grinding my gears instead.

You know what grinds my gears? Commas. I'm good with any other punctuation. Commas make me feel funny and self conscious. I don't like it. Why does everything have to be separate? I thought we all were suppose to be getting along? Words can't live in harmony either? Commas are obviously nothing but periods with fancy tails. Trying to be like "q". I think they are in cahoots. They're planning something and the government needs to get on this before they go on some killing rampage. I think we need to start a petition or a mob. Whichever floats your boat. Commandeer Doc Brown's Choo-Choo Train time machine and send them both to the 1800s. Keep the riff-raff out of our time period.

Back to you Diane...

Monday, July 12, 2010

Where's Some Tissue

I sent my little goodbye letter to the other writers of Write Anything. They have big plans for the website but it's time for me to let that go. I hate goodbyes. It's like writing "The End" on your favorite story. You fall in love and then force finality on it.

My last post won't be for a few months (I think). I have plenty of time to prepare myself for the goodbye. It's just sad times...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Drama Drama

Apparently, I have a gift in creating drama without even trying. I wrote a post on Write Anything (or rather recycled one of my old ones) about why the space between sentences rule was changed. Just a little FYI to share with the masses and somehow that pissed someone off. Left several comments about why I'm terrible writer and why the other writers at Write Anything should ditch me. Sadly, it's not the first time (don't know if the same person left all the harsh comments).

I'm not taking it to heart. Everyone has the right to their own opinion. This person decided to make theirs very loud and clear. The fact they're hiding behind an anonymous name like "censorship" shows a lot about them, but whatever. On to better news...

Received another book today. Horror Yearbook had a contest a few weeks ago. They were giving away five copies of The Strain by: Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan. I was one of the lucky people to win a copy, but then again, only two or three people entered. The odds were in my favor on this one.

Didn't care for the UPS guy/girl leaving the package on top of our car that's sitting out in the rain. I mean we have two in a carport. This was supposedly done because no one was home. Well guess what UPS guy/girl? We were home! Thank goodness the book didn't get drenched. I guess he/she just didn't want to tangle with our new little snaky friend hiding out in our pond. Where's Billy the Exterminator when you need him?

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Third Times a Charm

So, I was right. These things do come in threes. I entered a giveaway hosted by Jessica from Ghost Stories and Haunted Places. My prize includes a hardcover copy of The Thirteenth Tale by: Diane Setterfield and a couple short stories by Lovecraft.

However, my luck doesn't seem to translate to writing. I also entered Autumn Forest's short story contest at Ghost Hunting Theories and didn't even get an honorable mention although I can kind of understand from reading those who did win. Anyways, below is the story excerpt I submitted. You can read it, love it, hate it, bang your head against your computer screen to avoid it....whatever you choose.

Final Footprint

Matt Gilmore stepped out in to the gloomy morning. The air weighed on his shoulders with sour notions of a former life. The transformation showed its grotesque demure that night with the last drop of death. Violent tremors took over as the final mutation settled within his bones. One week after swallowing the poison, his heart pounded its last beat.

He walked across the green lawn, each step more difficult than the last. Images of his transformation remained fresh in his mind. He continued to walk. Matt made the phone call to The Center. One week. He was stuck with himself for one week. Hunger slowly crept up within him but kept walking until two white marble headstones came into view. Matt collapsed before the dirt mounds. He would wait alongside the wife and daughter stolen from his life with the soul ripped from his chest trapped in the white Victorian, shadowing his grief.

He dug his pale hands into fresh dirt. Memories of their smiling faces flashed in his mind, blinding him to the intruder’s approach. Whispers filled his ears. A chilled breeze whipped past him, consuming his mind with familiar emotions. Soon such a feeling would be absent to him completely. All thought and reason would drain from his existence, but on this day, he fed his sorrow as he waited to be recruited.

Another ambush of whispers and giggles sailed through him, slightly more recognizable than the first. However, the third wave opened his eyes to the truth. The barrier didn’t hold; his humanity now roamed free to inflict its rage on whomever it chose. A moment of panic passed by as he turned to his former home. A hand lightly grasped his shoulder, spinning his stiff body to face his adversary. The air appeared as vacant of life as before. Another light tap on his shoulder forced an additional one-eighty. His body temperature dropped a few more degrees. His stomach rumbled. Memories began to melt away.

Golden leaves scattered to a distant freedom with no natural aid. Soil shifted under his fingers. Matt spotted movement escaping from his eyesight from one side to the other, circling its prey. Isolating him in his final hours of sanity. Spirits were always great weapons for psychological warfare. His specter would be a great asset to any army, but could he survive the part of himself determined to destroy its final physical footprint in the world.

Thursday, July 01, 2010