Sunday, January 27, 2019

Mr. Wiggle

I don't write poetry often but here's one of the few. Enjoy!


By: Andrea Allison

Drenched in shadows, he wiggled when he walked.
Filled me with giggles as he creaked and popped.

Mom silenced me every night.
But I always put up a fight.

"He's my friend." I would always say.
She'd shake her head and walk away.

I lay in bed and sigh.
Why does she believe Mr. Wiggle is a lie?

He emerged from the floor.
And provided me with comfort once more.

When I grew up, Mr. Wiggle went away.
I missed him less and less everyday.

Now I'm married with little girls of my own.
We moved into my old childhood home.

Late at night, I hear them giggle.
Whispering, "We love you, Mr. Wiggle."

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