Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What's Next

I have to make a confession. I HATE this new Blogger interface...thing. The whole thing is a mess. I would like to switch back to the old one but the link has mysteriously disappeared. Sneaky bastards! They tricked me with pretty candy. It's the story I'm sticking with and no one can prove otherwise. Hopefully, with enough people complaining, they'll return the option but I doubt it.

I should be excited we are starting a new year but all this talk about apocalypses has made this year such a downer. Is it December 21st yet?

As you can see, I have signed up for the Write1Sub1 Monthly for 2012. I reviewed my writing productivity for last year. Long story short....it's nothing to brag about. Currently, I have a submission out from last month to a charity anthology. I'm anticipating the rejection. With every announcement of a well known writer joining the project, I'm losing faith in my little story. It's great that Jeff Strand, Jack Ketchum and Joe R. Lansdale are contributing. I was among the famous with the last charity anthology I was involved with. Not feeling confident the lightning will be striking twice this time around but we'll see.