Friday, December 17, 2010

Inside *Spoiler Alert*

I don't watch a lot of foreign films in any genres. I don't have any excuses or possible explanations for it. However, after finishing up some online Christmas shopping, I took a gander at the horror DVD selection and came upon this little French film called Inside.

The movie received a lot of good reviews on Amazon to the point that people would erect a temple in its honor and worship it. Bought a used copy and gave it a try. Totally loved it!

The premise is rather simple and unoriginal. A pregnant woman still grieving her husbands death four months prior is home alone preparing to deliver her baby the next day (Christmas coincidentally). An unknown woman shows up requesting to use her phone. Her innocents washes away when she starts revealing details about the woman. The police are called and the stranger disappears but returns later that night. She kills anyone who tries to help the woman all in pursuit of the baby. Like I said, not original.

However, it was the way the movie was filmed that makes it so good. The unknown woman was dressed almost like Morticia Addams which I think adds to her sinister appeal. There's some gore and A LOT of blood. This momma took quite a lickin' and kept on tickin' til the very end. Sliced and stabbed by scissors, smacked by a toaster and a billy club, and gave herself a tracheostomy. The lights went out briefly just as someone was stabbed by the scissors. I think the universe was trying to tell me I wasn't ready for the ending.

The script, camera angles, mood, atmosphere. It all works. Would recommend it to anyone.