Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Fun Time

I am by far not a fan of the ebook. It hurts my eyes to read page after page on a computer screen. Doesn't even feel like reading. Too mechanical for my taste. However, I now have three ebooks to read and review for Ghost Stories. How fun that will be. If that's not enough, I also have a CD to review as well. Will be doing it all while I should be writing and editing. I don't handle stress well. If anyone finds me passed out in my Cheerios, just shove a ton of caffeine down and my throat, will ya?


Anthony Rapino said...

Haha, will-do!

Yeah, I had to review an ebook once. Thank God it was a great book, otherwise it would have killed me.

Andrea Allison said...

Yeah I'm hoping these three are good ones. Don't want to get drool on my keyboard.