Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday - The Reveal

Still in the process of editing "The Boy in the Book" (not in love with the title, by the way). Second run through is dedicated to changes by outsider feedback. The third will be my own personal touches. Thrilled to have received a lot of positive comments. I was so sure it would get the "excessive bleeding" treatment.

If you haven't checked out my sidebar (which you so should), Autumnforest at Ghost Hunting Theories is having a short story contest. The prompt caught my eye, enough to make me want to pick up a pen and write something. In case you're wondering, the theme is: what if a zombie's soul haunted him. Interesting, right?

Now for the reveal some of you have been waiting a week for. John at Season of Shadows hosted a little giveaway recently. I was one of the lucky winners. WooHoo!!! The prize? Zombie blood! Green zombie blood! Now I have the secret ingredient to clone my very own zombie army. If only I could remember what I did with my stupid laboratory. I never can find it when I need it the most. Grrr...