Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Blizzard 2011

A few photos of our little blizzard today. There first two were taken this morning, same angle. I took the last two this afternoon after the snow tapered off.

Our front yard

Poor little windmill is buried by mother nature and digging out our front walk.

Our little pond in the front yard. Poor little goldfish are probably frozen solid.

I have a couple of video clips too, but the quality is rather poor. We received about 12 to 14 inches of snow with a 20% chance of more on Sunday. A lot of people had power outages. Thankfully, we weren't one of them. Fun times...


Aaron Polson said...

It's a big storm. The first "Official" blizzard in our area in something like 20 years. Yippee!

Julie Ferguson said...

Nice pictures.... we don't see that here in PHX.

Cate Gardner said...

That's some snow...We're, thankfully, free of the stuff in the UK.

Andrea Allison said...

Aaron - I can't remember when they said was the last one but I know it was a record breaking snowfall here.

Adsila and Cate - I wouldn't mind sending some of it to y'all because you know you really really want it. ;)