Monday, May 02, 2011

Bad Blog Friend

A few things need to be highlighted first:

About 300 people were killed by tornadoes over several states - May they rest in peace

Prince William and Kate Middleton Got Married - Best wishes on a long and happy marriage

Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy SEALs during a raid on his compound - Yay, finally! Much appreciation goes out to the men and women serving in the United States military

Now on to why I'm a bad a blog friend. I haven't been posting here very often as of late. I won't list any excuses for it. It is what it is. I also haven't been doing much blog reading much less commenting either. So, I offer you dear friends two things:

1. I promise to get back in to blog reading shape and visit your online homes on a regular basis. And,

Ah, come on. How can you say no cute little kittens? :o)


Tony said...

It happens to the best of us. :-) I find it's best to not force it when the posts aren't flowing.


Andrea Allison said...

Well there was plenty I wanted to post but it was family drama stuff. Things that couldn't really be discussed in such an open forum. Since it monopolized my time, didn't have anything left to talk about on here.