Sunday, March 15, 2009


Page-a-Day WC - 650 words

I thought I would update you all on my current writing status. Many people don't stick to their New Years resolutions. I have managed to stick to the only one I made for this year. You may have noticed my daily word count. On occasion, I take a day or two off but nothing longer than that.

I started the year off finishing up a Nano story, "A Tale of Two Sisters 2", from two years ago. I know by the time I start editing that one parts 1 and 2 will be combined in to one. After completing it, I wrote three more stories, not one have titles. Story number three was for AbDWriMo. It's more of a novella than a short story. Not sure if I'll keep it a novella or edited it down to short story size. Currently, I'm finishing up "The Auction", a story that teaches you not to spend some much time on sites like eBay.

March is National Novel Editing Month. Decided it was as good of a time to establish an editing routine. Finished editing "The Not Know". It's a short story I wrote a lifetime ago and the writing surely reflected it, a lot of grammar and spelling mistakes (had the lazy habit of not hitting the spellcheck). The plot sucked....okay the whole thing sucked, but hopefully not anymore. I'm currently editing yet another lifetime ago project. "The List" formally known as "One Wrong Move" is as bad as "The Not Known" structure wise but yet a tad better. It's amazing when you dust off a few of the oldies you see how much you've improved.

As far as submitting, I haven't submitted anything yet this year though I am looking. I'm thinking about trying to get my short story "Tornado Luck" published once or twice more before retiring it. I've been searching for a market to send it to but haven't had much luck. It's amazing how many magazines/ezines don't accept reprints. I'm beginning to think if I get it published for a third time, it'll be the last. Hopefully, when I get an actual working printer, I can get some others sent out. Yes, I edit the old fashion way, red pen and all.

I think that's all I can think of. I hope to have something more to report next month.