Friday, March 27, 2009

Website Aids

Repost from Write Anything:
Page-a-day WC - 161 words

I noticed I haven’t done one of these in a while. This edition is themed. Sometimes, when writing, we find ourselves blocked. Can’t come up with a title, name, setting, whatever. Generators can sometimes help inspire you to push forward or at the very least give you a little chuckle.

1. Random Word Generator (Plus) - you choose a word type (noun, verb, adjective, etc) and complexity (common, average, uncommon, etc) and hit “New Word”.

2. Evil Name Generator - evil spirits, dark gods, and any other evilness

3. Random Plot Generator - Gives you a list of different plots to choose from. Click your browsers refresh button if you want more.

4. Random Band Name - Need a great rock-n-roll band name. Try this one out.

5. The Mafia Name Generator - Try giving your character a mafia name or enter your own name. Mine is Gabriella Testarossa

6. Vampire Name Generator - Your creature of the dark needs a name. Give him/her one.

7. Random Book Title Generator - Don’t know what to name your latest project? Click through these titles a few times and see what you find.

8. Plot Twist Generator - Plot twists keep things spicy and interesting.

9. Horror Movie Plot Generator - I know it says movie plot but could be used for stories and novels.

10. Writing Prompt Generator - This one has several to choose from.