Thursday, May 21, 2009

Harper's Island

Page-a-Day WC - 192 words

The announcement was made. There will be no second season of Harper's Island. My question is how would they make a second season of this show? I thought it was a one time TV event kind of thing. After they kill a bunch of people off and reveal the killer, what comes next? A copycat?

The funny thing is all these people are dying and the remaining wedding guests are going on like nothing has happened. How do you do that? Personally, I wouldn't want to get married if half the wedding party are in the morgue. And, of course, they had to have a creepy ghost whisperer kid in there somewhere. Sometimes, I think they just tried a little too hard with this show.

And you know the killer is either someone associated with John Wakefield. John Wakefield himself or someone obsessed with the guy. It'll mostly likely be someone who seems completely normal but has underlining problems no one knows about. Probably someone close to Abby. I'll be totally surprised if the killer is none of that.