Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stalkers Anthology

Page-a-Day WC - 230 words

Has anyone read this anthology? It's kind of old, published in 1989. It contains novellas by Dean Koontz, John Coyne and F. Paul Wilson and stories by Rex Miller, Ed Gorman (who also edited it) and Robert R. McCammon.

So far it's pretty good. I liked the novella by Dean Koontz called "Trapped". It's similar to his book Watchers which I loved. I live in the country. So, mice don't really bother me but smart rats who put rat poison pellets in your breakfast cereal would terrify anyone.

BTW: The Barnes & Nobles website is offering 9 free audiobook MP3 downloads until May 16th. Here's the short stories up for grabs:

"The Babysitters Code" By: Laura Lippman
"Super Goat Man" By: Jonathan Lethem
"Best New Horror" By: Joe Hill
"Great Day" By: Kurt Vonnegut
"Fathers" By: Alice Munro
"Truth or Dare" By: Elizabeth Berg
"Ysrael" By: Junot Diaz
"Merrano of the Dry Country" By: Louis L'Amour
"The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" By: Mark Twain