Thursday, January 07, 2010

Has Your Year Started Right?

When one year ends and another begins, there is this sense of wanting change. The good intentions are there but sometimes the will is not. I started 2009 with the intentions of pushing myself to write more. In some ways I succeeded and others I did not. I did write more but not everyday for the entire year. Some of what I wrote has yet to be finished.

Recognizing the failures should help you succeeded in the end only if you’re willing to be proactive. I have found myself trying so many different techniques to boost my productivity, trying to determine which are best for me. The search is far from being over. A few days ago, I created a list of markets I want to submit to this year. Something I have never done before though some more experienced writers have suggested in doing so. I’m also considering starting a writing journal. Journaling has never been much of a friend to me in the past but willing to give it a try one more time.

The time of excuses has come to pass. Action is all that is left. You can always put simple tasks off until tomorrow but someday there won’t be a tomorrow. What will you have to show for your life then? So, I ask you. Has your year started right? Resolutions or not, have you embarked on succeeding where you failed in years past? If not, today is as good of a day to start.