Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shock Totem Flash Contest

I submitted my short story "Sealed With Anguish" to Shock Totem yesterday. Now, I have the usual confidence and butterflies swirling around in to some kind of grotesque nerves milkshake. But I'm hoping to glance over it and continue as if I never put myself out there like that.

Anyways, Shock Totem has also begun their monthly flash fiction contests. The 1st Saturday of every month a prompt is posted. Writers have a week to write and submit a story. Then voting begins. Only those who participate can vote and you have to read and provide feedback on every entry. Not a total bad thing helping each other out. Winners get to choose a prize from a list. Sounds pretty cool. Check out their website for complete rules: http://shocktotem.nice-board.com/random-whatever-f16/the-official-shock-totem-flash-contest-rules-t2978.htm.