Monday, March 29, 2010

Rejection - Niteblade

Dear Ms. Allison,

Thank you for submitting to Niteblade. I'm sorry to tell you I will be passing on "Blood Diary" but I wish you the best of luck placing it with another market.

Rhonda Parrish

One of these days I'll actually have good news to share. In the meantime, I'm thinking about retiring Blood Diary to my website. It's been published a few times. I don't think it'll make another appearance. I guess its just time. At least I have some SAMOAS to drown my sorrows with.


Sharon Day said...

Well, I've had plenty of those myself. I look at them as badges of experience. If I didn't submit so much, I wouldn't get so many rejections. The fact is, the more you send it out there, the more it's likely to "stick" somewhere. I know people who are still afraid to submit the first piece, so you're way seasoned!

Andrea Allison said...

Wow...I feel like a french fry now. LOL

Cate Gardner said...

If it's already been published before, I'd post it to your website for the world to enjoy. :D