Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving on to 3rd Round

I finished the 2nd round of edits. This was dedicated to suggestions made by my fellow writers who were kind enough to critique "The Boy in the Book". Still don't like the title but haven't thought of a different one yet. Story will be put through another round of torture before being released to the sharks.

Only a few hundred pages away from finished Stephen King's Under the Dome. Got the book for Christmas. Figured why not give it a try. I have to admit so far it's pretty good. Managed to get a rise out of me once or twice. Totally rare. Kind of think the whole alien aspect of it wasn't totally needed. If Big Jim Rennie was the guy behind the dome, I could totally buy that. Get some foreign scientists to do a sold for him. A guy like that would have figured a way to make it happen. Then blamed it on God.

Here's hoping the ending isn't as predictable as some have claimed. (Yes, I've peeked a couple of times. Such a bad compulsion)


Aaron Polson said...

I only peek when the book I'm reading starts to suck. I'll admit I do it much more often with short stories. It's easier to write off my time investment.

Enjoy the edits!

Unknown said...

Peeking is bad but oh so good!!! I find that I can't help myself at times! I must peek, I behave and go back but I'm dying to know a certain part and can't wait, so I can relate!

Great job on those revisions! Keep up the good work!

So sorry it's been awhile, just wanted to stop by and say hi! You're still loved!

Kristi said...

Revisions are pure torture sometimes, aren't they????

As for "Under the dome"...I haven't heard much about it yet and I'm a huge Stephen King fan but I just can't seem to care enough to go pick it up. Hmmm...I'll be interested to see what you think once you're done!

Andrea Allison said...

Aaron - I definitely peek when the book sucks. But I try not to when its good. Don't want to spoil any surprises.

Jen - Good to see you again. It's nice to be loved.

Kristi - Always! If a book is longer than 500 pages, I always read the reviews before buying. If it's no good, I'm not wasting time or money on it.