Monday, July 19, 2010

I Told You So

I knew all that good luck would go on vacation with the polar bears. I'm hating this week already and it's only Monday.

First, our computer phone line died. A call was made to the phone company and their response stated we may not get it back until Wednesday. Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Second, I've been expecting several packages in the mail. Never really had a huge problem with mail getting here in a timely matter. Someone new must be working at the post office because I've gotten nada. Been waiting a few weeks for some and has yet to show. I swear one day all the mail and packages I was suppose to get will miraculously appear on my front door step. It'll be a happy day. I may even smile.

Last, it seems I may have to send in a withdraw to Apollo's Lyre. Been waiting for over two months for a response to my submission. Sent in a query. A whole lotta nothing in return. I hate when editors feel the need to not even send you a courteous email to say they are backed up or just don't care in general. After I do the honors, I'll have only one submission in limbo. *sigh* I started the year out so well.


Anonymous said...

I totally believe that things go rotten right before something wonderful happens. It's been true in my experience. Hold on!