Friday, August 06, 2010

Banging My Head

I was doing so well with the whole waiting thing. Twelve submissions this year so far. Almost doubles my record for 2009. And yet I find myself banging my head on the wall, creating concussions and all that for only one. I was given a tiny bit of hope for good news and a month or so later, I'm still waiting. Doesn't help when you're reading about others receiving their acceptance or rejection letters from the same magazine. And I'm still waiting. Waiting....waiting....waiting. I hate this part.

Would have been better if they hadn't put that damn false hope in my head. I know what you're saying. They're busy reading hundreds of submissions. Be patient. No news is good news. Yada yada yada. I know the script but the movie still sucks.

In the meantime, I'm dumping my Nano blog from last year, Sinister Tales. I tend to worry about those who follow dormant blogs. Mine hasn't been active for almost a year and yet still managed to get 10 followers. Thanks for the support...I think. If you want to read the excerpts of my Nano project, you have til the end of the weekend to do so.