Monday, August 16, 2010

Shroud Issue #9

Shroud Magazine Issue #9 Summer 2010 is off to the printers. I would like to say my story is among those chosen for it but unfortunately, it's still sitting in limbo (okay...this is the last time you'll hear me whine about this until I get the official yay or nay from them. I promise. Really, I mean it. I swear on the chicken nuggets.)

In the meantime, we must commence in the standard oohing and aahing of this publishing gem which includes stories, columns and interviews from the Brothers' May, Lon Prater, Robert Canipe, Marie Brennan, Alethea Contis, I. E. Lester, Debbie Kuhn, and Ty Schwamberger while the ritual sacrifice and chants are being prepared in its honor.

Or if you can bypass all the fuss and just head on over to Shroud's website and pre-order yourself a copy for $6.99. I'm sure the Gods won't be too angry with your lack of patience.


Unknown said...

I have no patience and only being $6.99 why do you even need patience??

I hope you get the yay instead of the nay...

Patiently waiting :)

Terry W. Ervin II said...

Waiting for a reponse isn't the fun part of writing, that's for sure.