Monday, April 05, 2010

What Can I Say About Today?


I think that says it all. One thing I hate about Spring is the allergies. They're silent intruders sent out to make everyone's life miserable. In my case, it's dragging down my will to do.....anything. I wrote out this nice pretty schedule to prioritize all the things I need to do this week and don't feel like doing any of it.

The eBook I'm reading is called Reads Like Murder in Honolulu By G Donovan. It's fairly good so far which makes reading it on a computer screen less painful. No eye gauging going here yet. A few months ago, I purchased quite a few copies of different magazines. I'm just now getting to them, starting with the second issue of Necrotic Tissue. Really liked "Tenure" by: Eric R. Lowther. Nothing like a zombie demanding civil rights.

In the spirit of being productive, I finally picked up one of my Nano short stories from 2008 and began the editing phase. So far, I don't like anything about it and often wonder why I wrote it in the first place. It read like a bad episode of Ghost Hunters. Also starting a news story, "Mr. Blythewart's Human Extravaganza (working title).


Aaron Polson said...

I like the new title. Sounds vaguely carnival-esqe.

Andrea Allison said...

Thank you. Has very little to do with carnivals but I like it.