Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Farewells Put on Hold

Thursday was suppose to be my last day at Write Anything. However, the relaunch of a new and improve WA has been pushed back which means I'm staying for another couple of weeks. I was in the company of a great group of writers for three years. A few more weeks is no big deal.

If you're a writer and active on Twitter, you may have come across the #10bythen challenge, 10 submissions in a month. I know it would go against all my years of practice in the art of procrastination, but I'm seriously considering joining in the fun. I haven't submitted anything since May. It's time I get back on the horse and pray it doesn't throw me off face first in the mud again. I need the boost in motivation since Nano is lurking around the corner, laughing at me. He can be so mean.

At this time, I will hear arguments why I should or shouldn't be involved in #10bythen. Please keep it clean. I'm not in the mood to put anyone in time out.


Lee Thompson said...

Do it. The more you have out the more you can have accepted at one time. :) I usually have between 15 and 20 out at a time. You can do it. Go! Prosper! Push yourself! and smile... :)

Bhaswati said...

Join in, why not? Sounds like a great motivation booster to me. Keep writing, keep subbing. Yes.


Aaron Polson said...

I'm more on the 2bythen pace, myself. I'm letting my stories age a bit more. Like wine.

Yeah...that's the ticket.

Cate Gardner said...

Join in the fun. It's made me kick ass this month.