Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Eye of the Tiger

As per the usual routine, I go through great lengths to describe my current work in progress and how I'm so excited about it. That would be scene out of my perfect life. However, I don't have a perfect life. Instead, I'm making lists of things I should be doing so I can stare at it and have bouts of Ferris Wheel guilt until I start actually doing and marking stuff off the list. This all banks on me in the right mood and the drive to want to do it. Hmmmm....perhaps this video clip will get me all pumped up:

WooHoo!!! Jensen Ackles making a damn fool of himself. Who could pass that up? Season 6 begins in TWO days!!


Cate Gardner said...

I love that clip of Jensen... Heck, I just plain love Jensen. :D I wonder when Supernatural restarts over here.

Julie Ferguson said...

I love the video, what a crack up!

Andrea Allison said...

Jensen is such a dork but how could you not love him? :o)