Wednesday, September 01, 2010

New Developments

There has been some new developments in the case of the maimed kitten. Before, we were uncertain if the victim had siblings. Its mother was recently spotted with three kittens estimated to be the same age as the victim. During an afternoon walk with her children, the mother was witnessed in an altercation with a possible suspect in her child's murder. Speculation dictates this female attempted to murder the three minors, causing their mother to come to their defense. Despite reliable witnesses coming forward, no charges have been filed by either party. Could this be the face of a murderer?

Despite recent behavior, we don't have any evidence linking her to this specific crime. The case has gone cold and has been filed away until a new lead presents itself. The killer either went through great lengths to cover their tracks or got really, really lucky. We are now facing the facts Nermal Doe may never get the justice it deserves. This investigator has decided to leave the case in capable hands of more experience detectives citing reasons of watching WAY too many episodes of Law & Order: SVU and NCIS and allowing her armchair investigation continue one more post than it should.

Good day....


Julie Ferguson said...

Look at that face...awww, of course he did it.