Friday, October 15, 2010

Mail Hell

Look what I got in the mail yesterday:

The two cassette tapes from the Braille Library in Los Angeles, California was suppose to be a Nightmare on Elm Street hat, a little trinket I won in a giveaway. This is becoming a very bad habit. I've had several books that were sent to me for review mysteriously get lost in the mail just to add to this fiasco. To top it all, the postal service wanted to raise the price of stamps for like the third time this year. Why? With service like this, who would want to pay more to have their stuff lost or damaged?

It's one of those times I wish I had a magic wand or something. I could just zap things from one place to the other without the use of the middle man. Would be nice....


Marianne Arkins said...

Whenever I mail stuff via USPS, I make sure it is incredibly well packaged. If it's an envelope, I surround it with packing tape so it won't tear.

It's ridiculous I have to, but as you can clearly attest, it's necessary. Still, I use UPS whenever possible and less expensive (which it IS for anything besides books).

Sorry :-(

Unknown said...

I'm so with you!!!! US postal service wants to charge more, but work less... crappy stupid mail!!!!

I do my best to make sure everything is well packaged but sometimes it's too late the minute it hits the conveyer belt.

Andrea Allison said...

I hate that you have to thoroughly package things just to make sure they get to their destinations in one peace (if at all). It's just ridiculous.

Jennie Bailey said...

How confused that person expecting the tapes from the Braille Library must be having received your Nightmare on Elm Street hat! I hate that you have to package things so well. It's annoying to have to go through all the extra work. We don't even get our own mail most days. There is a horrid postal woman who is afraid of my dog (the one inside my house that is never out in the yard without me) so she purposely leaves the gate wide open as she leaves after putting everyone's mail but ours in our box. We've complained numerous times but they Post Office doesn't care.

Thank you for your well wishes for my brother. He's home and doing better. It was a minor attack so he now has the opportunity to make himself better.