Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Titles Please Apply Here

I hesitantly joined in with the #10bythen crowd. My work ethics are atrocious. After five days, I have nothing to report on this end. Now, this doesn't mean I've sat on my fanny and done nothing.

A few weeks ago, I was watching a crappy horror movie (can't recall the title). Just when I thought I had wasted an hour of my life an idea popped in to me head and did a jig. Got my little flower notebook and jotted down note after note. Reread it today and it still makes sense. I guess if you fire enough bullets in a barrel you're going to hit a fish sooner or later. I'm using the Roanoke Colony mystery as inspiration. From the POV of a person situated right in the middle of all the craziness that leads to a town disappearing. Set in a modern day small town. Not in Roanoke or where the colony use to be. Haven't wormed out all details yet.

I spent a couple of hours yesterday, trying to come up with a working title. Resorted to a Random Title Generator. I don't have too much luck with titles. Here are a few possibilities:

The Darkness of the Doors
Sleeping End (possibly to be used as the name of the town)
History of Ashes
The Shadow's Truth
No Healing

No decisions have been made yet. I hate making decisions. I'm not a very decision-oriented type of person. I try.....I know. I know. Get back to work. Is it December yet?


Aaron Polson said...

What a fun toy. The titles are pretty much "pants" as some of our UK friends might say, except maybe "Sleeping End". You could do something with that.

Or mix and match: "The Darkness of Ashes", "Sleeping Truth", "Healing Darkness", or "Healing Doors".

Off to play...

Andrea Allison said...

I figured as much. I like having options to play around with.

I hate those generators. I always get pulled in to playing with them. So distracting.

kaolin fire said...

I like "The History of Ashes". I'd make it about a character named Ashes. Or maybe Ash, and some strange collection of her.

Welcome to #10bythen, and good luck. :) Do you have any stuff already written that's not circulating? Circulate, circulate, circulate! :)

Andrea Allison said...

I have a ton of stories written from prior Nanos. Just a matter of getting them polished and ready for submission.

Anonymous said...

Mmm, titles. *drools*