Monday, April 19, 2010

Whimsical Rejection

Dear Andrea Allison

Thank you for sending us "Sealed With Anguish". I've reviewed the story and decided not to purchase it. It's well written but, I feel, a little too whimsical in its conception of a monster community (if not in it's actual "deal with the devil" type plot). You may want to consider submitting it to our sister podcast, Podcastle, which deals with fantasy stories (we do not share submissions).

Thanks for submitting, and I hope my comments have been at least a tiny bit helpful.

Shawn Garrett
PSEUDOPOD - The Horror Podcast Magazine

Whimsical? Really?
Hmm....okay, I guess.


Sharon Day said...

I think if I were an editor, that would be the hardest part of the job--how to explain why you didn't buy a work. I don't have to tell you to keep plugging along, cause I think you get it by now. Even Stephen King was rejected many times...

Andrea Allison said...

Well, technically they don't have to provide an explanation at all. Just send a form rejection and be done with it. But I'm always grateful for a little feedback.

Oh well. It's part of the gig. Just got to keep with it.

Unknown said...

Hmm maybe it would have been better not knowing, especially if you don't think your work is whimisical... at least they gave you the possibility through their sister company.

Andrea Allison said...

Several people have read this story and whimsical was never a word they used to describe it. So, I think I was a little taken aback by it. I'm not entirely sure if it has that whimsical aspect. I think I may submit it to Podcastle if only to see what happens.