Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Sad News

I bring to you folks some rather sad news. Seems to be a common trend for the last week. There are degrees of devastation. This may not rank high on that scale, but it’s a downer either way.

A stray cat, which has become sort of like a pet to us, had kittens recently. We thought she only had the one, but recent sightings suggest maybe there were more. Unfortunately, the one we knew of was killed. We are unsure as to who the murderer may be. The investigation is on going and there are a couple of suspects: one of our dogs and a visiting opossum. The dogs aren’t talking. We haven’t had any luck locating the opossum.

An autopsy could have provided some answers. However, we weren’t equipped to perform such a procedure nor did we have the right expert on the payroll. Instead, we released the body to the family. His mother and alleged brothers and sisters decided we should do the honors of playing a funeral. I will keep you updated if we ever have a suspect in custody though it’s unlikely one will ever be determined.

Hopefully, this little guy is at peace.


Julie Ferguson said...

I find that if I offer the right treats to my American Cocker, Lucy, she will talk. However, this doesn't always work on our Chihuahua. He is one tuff cookie and won't crack under pressure. I hope you find the perp and it turns out to be the opossum. They are rotten beasts. I am sure the little fella is at peace.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that's so sad! RIP sweet kitten(s).