Sunday, February 08, 2009

Gold Digger

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Last night, I was watching TV and one of those trade your gold for money commercials came on. It starts out with a man and woman eating breakfast. The guy has a heart attack and supposedly dies. The first thing the woman does is call the gold company people and ask about their services while removing her husbands gold watch.

The next "testimonial" comes from a granddaughter. She's visiting her grandmother who is lying in bed napping or whatever. She notices her Grammy's mouth full of gold teeth and decides to do a little dental work. Climbs on the bed and starts yanking out a pay check.

All I have to say is thanks for taking America's need for greed and turning it in to a somewhat humorous yet disturbing commercial. Way to go!


Carter said...

That kind of thing makes it hard for those of us writing dark fiction to compete, I think. When this is considered mainstream enough for commercials, we really have to push the envelope really hard to get beyond it.