Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving Forward

Page-a-Day WC - 1,348 words

Repost from Write Anything:

As you may already know, Write Anything is shifting in to a new light: more doing and a little less talking. So, today I’m doing. Below is a little ghost story I wrote. Do you think it’s based on an actual eye witness account or a product of my imagination? (Answer will be revealed at the end of the day)

Kate wandered around the cemetery. Her golden hair shimmering in the sunlight. Summer dripping from her body. Readjusting her glasses, she strolled from one headstone to another. It wasn’t those who rest in peace that brought her to that place. The stories led her down the grassy path.

The pied pipers enticed her with them all her life. She couldn’t resist the hypnotism any longer. So, she walked, reading names eroded by time as if she had done so since birth. Kate picked the stone of an elderly woman and took a seat.

There she waited. Waited for the one person who eluded so many before her. An hour passed. Then two. Birds vocalized their songs. Squirrels dashed up and down trees, collecting food. He wasn’t making an appearance today.

She accepted she wasn’t meant to meet him and began to leave. Pressure on her left shoulder prevented her from rising. Shrugging, she made another attempt. Same results. Her eyes darted around the cemetery. She sat alone. Kate repeated the process until she was finally allowed to leave.

Upon examining the area, Kate spotted the cause. The tail end of a brown snake slithered away out of sight. She met him after all. The priest saved her life. Kate walked down that same grassy path, retaining a story of her own close to her heart.