Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday Morning Meme

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Karen from Write From Karen developed a meme entitled Monday Morning Meme. All you do is answer a series of questions about yourself in an elaborate sense either on your blog or in the comment section of her blog. Here are today's:

February 23rd Questions:

1. Does blogging make you fat? Do you find yourself sitting around and eating more since you started your blog? Or do you get so caught up in the whole blogging routine that you forget to eat? My blog does not make me look fat. At least, not this one. In all seriousness, sometimes when I'm on the internet in general I forget to eat and/or drink. Time tends to fly by fast.

2. The one topic I will not touch on my blog is __________. Why? What sorts of topics do you receive the most comments on? What sorts of topics do you receive the least number of comments on? I don't think there is a topic I'm willing to shy away from. Like a lot of people, I'm just putting my opinions out there for whoever to read though I'm not in the business of pissing people off. But I know I can't make everyone happy either (remember last week's answers?). I've had this blog for several years but I started new this January. So, I'm not getting a lot of comments which isn't a big deal. The most comments I've received was on a post about National Delurking Week and there are several which haven't received any at all. Again, no big deal. I'm not crying over it.

3. Spring is coming. How is your wardrobe? What sorts of clothes do you usually wear in the spring? Where do you normally shop for your clothes? How successful are you in finding clothes for yourself? I hate shopping. With a passion. I can never find clothes that fit just right. They are either too big or too small and it's just frustrating. I'm the type of person that will not buy clothes unless I absolutely have to. I won't spend a lot of money on clothes either. I'm not going bankrupt just to stay with the trends. It's not worth it.

4. We should treat every day as a special gift - we’re alive, right? What made this past week special for you? (And if you’ve already talked about that special something on your blog, then think of something else - something little perhaps, but had a big impact on you or your loved ones). Despite having a story rejected, I found out the day before yesterday that my sister is PREGNANT! I'm going to have another niece or nephew. Yay!!


Ms. D said...

Cool blog -- yes, blogging does make me fat!

And one subject I'll never touch is religion.
stop by my site and let me know what you think.

We should be friends.

Andrea Allison said...

Thanks! I will.