Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Missile Launch

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I noticed via MyBlogLog that I receive several visitors who did Google searches on the Missile portion of Bolt the game. I don't know why. That was one of the easiest obstacles to complete for me. However, if you need some guidance on completing that part of Oceania Core, allow me to give you a breakdown.

The are six missiles in total in which Bolt has to disarm. Each missile is harder than the previous one. You'll also have to avoid falling off the missiles, and electric fields.

Missile one is the easiest. Using your arrow keys, maneuver around it until you find a white strip with red arrows and a red bar. Approach the red bar and press the "A" button. With your finger still on the "A" button, press the "Down" arrow key until the bar is from one end of the strip to the other. That will disarm the missile. After which, you will move on to the next.

Missile two is just as easy. There is a gray panel towards the middle of the missile. Locate it first. Upon approaching it, a caption bubble will pop up with a green exclamation mark. This signals you to use your laser vision. Press "A" and trace the shape with your stylus. The panel will break off and the missile will be disarmed.

Missile three is where electrical fields come in to play. When transferring to missile three from two, you will be positioned at the top. Use your control pad to prevent bolt from running in to those blue lines. Paralleling each other, the fields wrap around the entire missile. There is one section between two boxes with a yellow circle and a line drawn through it where the field fades in and out. When it's out, that is when you fly right pass them. Keep your finger on the "Down" arrow key for extra speed. After bypassing the fields, locate the white arrowed stripe and the red bar. Then repeat what you did on Missile one. I also would like to add that another obstacle is introduced. The one where bolt holds on by a paw. I swear it looks like he is humping the thing. Anyways, to regain his grip press "A" repeatedly.

Missile four adds a few more electrical fields and falling off times. Bolt lands on the back of the missile. You have to maneuver through the fields like I taught you on the third one. Be careful. The openings are not all in the same place. Use the control pad to keep Bolt from running in to them while you wait for it to fade out. Of course, the times of which Bolt holds on by a paw happens during the wrong times. Once you arrive at the front of the missile, locate the gray panel and use laser vision.

Missile five has a few more electrical fields. Bolt lands at the top of the missile. The first four electrical field openings are in a row. Use the "Down" arrow button and sail through them but be careful. The fifth one isn't too far away and you can run right in to it if you don't watch it. Pass through all six fields successfully. Then maneuver around the missile until you find the white arrow stripe. There's a field opening located on it. Pass through it and pull the bar to the end. Keep your finger on the "A" button to hold on to the bar if you have to wait for the field to fade out before reaching the end.

The last missile is a bit tricky. It has one less electrical field than the one before, but the falling off rate increases. Bolt lands at the end of the missile. On this one, you can't exactly rely on the little boxes to tell you where the openings are. Use your control pad to maneuver around the missile until you find the opening for field one and two. Even though the fields are far apart, the openings are in the same place. That is where you pass through to get to the top of the missile. The next three fields are right in a row. The openings are not. They have been aligned diagonally. Don't panic. It's not hard to bypass. Once the field fades, enter the first one, move over a little and sail through the others. If you do this kind of quickly, you shouldn't have any problems. After reaching the top, locate the panel and use your laser vision.

Once you disarm the last missile, your done. You have completed the entire game. Yay for you! Got any questions, leave a comment and I'll try to help ya the best I can.