Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Bloody Bloggers Awards

The League of Tana Tea Drinkers supports all things horror. Currently, they are looking for nominees for the 2010 Bloody Bloggers Awards. You can't exactly nominate yourself or anyone else. Only members of the LOTTD can recommend nominees. However, to be consider for recommendation, you can email John Conzzoli with your blog information, link and categories (your blog can appear in more than one) you wish to be nominated in.

There are 13:
  • Best All-Around Horror Blog (includes blogs that cover a range of horror-related topics)
  • Best Horror Sub-Genre Blog (includes genre-specific blogs like slasher, gore, zombie, etc)
  • Best Horror Author Blog (includes blogs written by authors)
  • Best Horror Art Blog (includes graphic designers/artists of horror, and coverage of horror-centric illustration and photography)
  • Best Spooky Blog (includes blogs with a Halloween-centric or paranormal (ghost/folklore) scope)
  • Best Queer Horror Blog (includes blogs with a homosexual-centric approach to covering horror)
  • Best Classic Horror Blog (includes blogs covering classic horror up to 1970)
  • Best Horror Comics Blog (includes blogs that are horror comic-centric in their coverage)
  • Best Feminine Perspective In Horror Blog (includes blogs with a female-centric approach in their coverage of horror)
  • Best Sounds of Horror Blog (includes blogs that focus on covering the music and sounds of horror)
  • Best Horror Podcast Blog (includes blogs which primarily podcast their horror coverage)
  • Best Monsterkid Blog (includes bloggers who express their horror passion through their experiences, and who are not necessarily movie-centric. This category also includes blogs that focus on memorabilia and toys related to horror).

Nominations will continue until the end of February. Voting by email will begin in March. For more information: http://www.zomboscloset.com/zombos_closet_of_horror_b/2010/02/the-bloody-bloggers.html


Anthony Rapino said...

Looks pretty cool. I haven't heard of this before. Are you in the running?

Andrea Allison said...

I submitted Ghost Stories for Best Spooky Blog and Best Horror Author Blog. Got an email the next day saying I was being added to the nominees list. Will have to wait til March to see what happens.