Monday, February 22, 2010

Pulling Out my Hair

For the umpteenth time, I'm having computer problems. We've discussed the situation and it's hell bent on boycotting me. I cringe everytime we have a spat because that means I'm without it for weeks. I love having a techie in the family. However, he's so busy with everything else which usually leaves me in the lurch. I go through withdrawals. Curl up in a ball in a corner, rocking back and forth. It's not a pretty sight.

I've decided to buy a new computer. I've never owned a brand new one before much less spent this much money in one setting. So, I'm a little freaking out. I did my homework. Found a laptop I like. I read reviews (all glowing). I made sure all the features fit my needs (and they do and then some). I even read a few articles about what features a laptop should have to satisfy a writer's needs (and it does). I have just enough money to buy it and it's a good investment. God is throwing me a bone here and yet I still feel anxious.

Someone please talk me off the ledge!!


Aaron Polson said...

New computer day is a holiday in my world, even rarer than the Winter Olympics. Get off that ledge and celebrate!

Andrea Allison said...

I'm trying to but the stars have aligned too perfectly. I'm waiting for something to go wrong.