Sunday, February 14, 2010


It's no secret. I'm total Supernatural fanatic. Thus totally upset we have to wait SIX weeks for a new episode. We had to wait like two months thanks to Christmas and New Years and now another six weeks thanks to the Winter Olympics. They so love to tease us. If we are going to have to wait at least they left us with something that was hard to stomach....literally. After watching "My Bloody Valentine" I was seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.

One thing I love about Supernatural is they don't portray mythical creatures and legends like a lot of TV shows and movies do. In their world, vampires can walk in the sunlight without bursting in to flames. Dead man's blood is poisonous and they can only be killed by beheading. Salt and holy water is pretty much the best defense against anything. This fact is why I loved their spin on Famine in Thursday's episode. You hear the word and think people starving. They took it and put it in reverse. Though I have to say the ending was quite sad. I still think the gateway to hell located in Wyoming is going to play a factor in the big Final showdown.

Supernatural will be airing their 100th episode in April. I've heard not many TV shows make it to the 100th episode. So, this is a milestone for them. As for season 6, Jared and Jensen have supposedly both signed on for it but CW and the show's writers/producers are still in negotiations. There should be an official announcement made sometime this month. *fingers crossed* I know show creator Eric Kripke keeps wanting to bid it farewell. Why can't it be like ER? Supernatural is gaining more fame each season. If the ratings/viewers start to drop then end it.

BTW, if you're on Twitter and not following @mishacollins, you should be. The guy is too cool for Twitter. So hilarious!

EDIT: The announcement was made and we are privileged enough to get another season of Dean and Sam. WooHoo!!!