Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Clicks

A couple of weeks ago, I shared one of my wonderful rejections with the forum members of Absolute Write. One of their responses got me thinking. How many magazines/ezines favor one or more writers over all others?

How many times have you read issues of a magazine you plan to submit to and find they publish work by the same writers? Is it because they produce better stories/poems? Or is there a sense of favoritism? This isn't a new issue among workplaces. One of the processes of writing is submitting you work to one or more editors. It is because of their expertise and/or opinion that deems your story/poem right for their publication. So, is writing exempt from favoritism?

I never thought I would ever knowingly be involved with such a thing. That was before I was updating my website. I noticed something quite interesting while reorganizing my publication credits. The first time I received a taste of publishing gold was in 2005. Most of what I achieved during that year was centered around the writing friends I had made. I had stories win small writing website contests judged by them. My first publication was accepted by a ezine run by one of them. Several of my first credits came from them. Is it because they knew me and was willing to publish my work over a writer they hadn't heard of? Is it because my writing was better than some of the submissions they received? I can honestly say probably not.

I don't know if my small success in 2005 had anything to do with favoritism. I may never know. Do you think favoritism exists among the writing world?

Courtesy of Write Anything