Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday - Silver Room

I've seen other writers participating in this and decided to join in the fun. Lord knows I'm always a work in progress.

Currently, I've only been working on one story. The deadline is Monday and I'm only a few thousand words in. I'm hoping to have it finished by Friday. Leaving Saturday, Sunday and even Monday for edits. I've known about this for a month. Had expectations I would "plan ahead". Apparently, I fooled myself once again.

The theme is Pandora's Box. If anyone knows anything about Pandora, it was a jar not a box but whatever. I decided to implement the seven deadly sins, matching them with folklore creatures. Since I've been hearing so much about the infamous Amber Room as of late, I tossed that in the story as well, changing Amber to Silver. My main worry is the storyline becoming too confusing with all the characters. There are eight in total: seven sins plus one hope.

What do you think? Too many?