Friday, April 02, 2010

Sweet Rejection

Dear Andrea,

Thank you for your recent submission to CUTTING BLOCK PRESS for our upcoming anthology "Horror Library Vol 4". By the end of our submission period we will have read well over a thousand stories this time decisions did not come easy.
We have received and read your submission, and it has made it through our editing staff. Unfortunately, at this time we're going to have to pass on your story. While well written and interesting, we felt it just didn't fit what we were looking for at this time for the collection.
Thank you again for your interest, and we wish you all the best with your writing. We'll be reading again in a few months for Vol 5. Keep an eye on Ralan's and our website for updates and guidelines for submissions.

R.J. Cavender


Unknown said...

Love your blog! Love the title!! Thank you for sharing your rejection letter all it takes is one good letter!!

Andrea Allison said...

Thank you! Haven't gotten one of those in a couple of years but have my fingers crossed.