Friday, October 01, 2010

I'm In!

Okay, so I'm arm has been twisted in to a pretzel. I cried out "Uncle and Cheeseballs!" and gave in to peer pressure. Anthony was so kind to relay the rules of #10bythen to me. Expect the shameful apology letter at the end of the month blaming everyone for my failure because you know it's never my fault. My momma said so....HA!

Now, I'm impatiently awaiting the relaunch of the NaNoWriMo website (I'm sthrnwriter on Nano if anyone wants to look me up) which is suppose to take place sometime tonight (at least, that's what they tweeted and we all know tweets are always gold). I can't wait to chat with my once-a-year friends and display the pretty new graphics on here oh so proudly. Then, I can let my nerves take over, throw up a few times and convince myself that after three previous "wins" this will be the year I fail. (Don't look all cross-eyed and crazy at me. This is my process.) In the meantime, enjoy the following video:


Julie Ferguson said...

Nice Andrea...would you like to clean my chair, lol.

Anonymous said...

YAY, #10bythen and NaNoWriMo! It sounds like we're speaking gibberish, but they're such awesome things!


Andrea Allison said...

Adsila - I would help you with that but I have a volunteer house hunk who handles those kind of things for me. Please send your inquiries to him. ;)

Mercedes - I've been thinking about hiring a translator. I'm so tired of explaining myself.

Cate Gardner said...

The NaNoWriMo site is now up - I'm frightfest over there.

And yay, #10bythen.

Aaron Polson said...

Yes! You can do it!

(and the ghost car video is awesome. I use it on unsuspecting students each year)

Andrea Allison said...

Cate - This I have seen. I have my web badge proudly displayed even though it was sitting a little wonky on my sidebar a few minutes ago. I also noticed they still have quite a few bugs to work out. Couldn't even access my page to update my information last night.

Aaron - it's one that never gets old.

Anthony Rapino said...

I have tagged you for a meme. The details are on my blog. :-)