Friday, January 09, 2009

Free is the Best Word

Page-a-Day WC - 391 words
National Delurking Week - Day 6

Who doesn't love free stuff? They say you get what you pay for but when you don't pay for it, what do you get? Ok, enough with the riddles.

I have a site for all you techies out there. It's called Giveaway of the Day. Everyday, they offer a free download of software. From Cd burning to calendars to the right virtual medicine for your computer boo boos. They have a little of everything. Not all of it is the best of the best though. Overlook the bad for the good.

If you're a bit computer illiterate like myself, read the comments. Each download has tons and you'll get an idea of what is good and what isn't. Want some variety? They also have free game downloads. I am hooked on Aqua Words. I'm a writer. What do you expect.

There are stipulations. You only have twenty-four hours to download and activate the software. Though that's not as bad as you think. Some come back up in rotation. You don't download today, you may get a chance later on. Another thing, you don't get free technical support. In other words, if you aren't a techie, you better know one.

I learned about this website during Nano. I learn about a lot of useful sites during Nano. If I can get free writing software, I'm all for it. Don't you agree?