Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stud No More

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The dog in the picture above is Roscoe, a blonde dapper dachshund. He may look all cute and innocent but he is anything but that. My brother bought this dog a few years ago shortly after getting his ex one like him. Not clear as to why.

Now, my brother has this bad habit of getting dogs, taking care of them for a short while, and then slack off on the job. Therefore, they become our responsibility. Roscoe was no different. He went from being my brother's dog to my mom's and he is extremely protective. We don't need no stinking doberman. We got him.

He has this bad habit of biting the hand of those who play with him. It's just not nice. However, momma thinks she has a good idea. She consulted with a vet and now is thinking about getting him fixed. Poor dog is getting snipped. I feel kind of bad for him even though he keeps trying to use me as a chew toy.

This is going to be interesting...


cube said...

Love Roscoe's shirt.