Sunday, January 25, 2009

He's Fixed

Page-a-Day WC - 735 words

Our little dog Roscoe was fixed on Friday. He was at the vet for a few hours and then we picked him up. He's all bruised now. The vet said he won't be completely healed for about another week.

The purpose of all this wasn't to keep him from reproducing but to also calm him down. I haven't seen much difference. He still growls at everyone and wants to play. The whole growling thing is more on my mom than anything. One minute she's telling him to stop and behave. The next, in a playful manner, she's encouraging him. The dog is confused. Getting him fixed won't change that, but whatever.

Oh and the word count listed for today is actually the combination of today and Saturday. I should be writing that much per day but baby steps...