Monday, January 26, 2009

Weather Bulletin

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As I said earlier, icy weather has fallen on us once more. Of course, when the roads are iced over, all the idiots are easier to spot. You know, they are the ones who tear up someones yard and run in to people trying to drive two feet. My mom received a taste of this today.

My brother works as a host at Olive Garden. On their way home, they had to drive up this hill. It's not tremendously steep, but when you factor in ice, the task becomes increasingly difficult. Several people before them were swerving all over the road and spinning tires trying to climb it. My mom chose a different method.

She made my brother get out and help push the car up the hill. They are weaving through all these cars stuck on this hill. Of course, all these people are cursing under their breaths as they were doing this. I think it's funny as hell.

Considering what happened a couple of years ago, you'd think people would be more prepared for this.