Monday, January 05, 2009

Flash Me

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I received some money for Christmas and decided to invest in my first flash drive. I know. It's a huge step. I'm half expecting my mom to pop up somewhere with a camcorder. Oh wait. She doesn't have one. Thank God for that. Embarrassing pictures are enough to bare.

Like I was saying, I'm thinking about buying a flash drive. I started my search on Amazon which turned out to be a huge mistake. I was looking to purchase something cheap and simple. Amazon is not the place for that. Even narrowing down my search, I still had like 800 to choose from. I now know how some guys feel on picking wedding china.

I'm not very techie. I don't know which ones are better than others. I can only judge by shape and even that has proven to be difficult. I mean how many people are in the market for flash drives shaped like thumbs, bombs and wooden sticks?

This simple task has become overwhelming. Therefore, I have opened the floor to you all. What flash drive do you use? Satisfied with your choice?


Anonymous said...

The cheapest flash drive I could get at walmart has worked just fine for me for over a year.

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Andrea Allison said...

Yeah I thought about checking out their selections.

Anonymous said...

I've got a green Kingston. I can't remember if it is 1gb or 2gb, but its enough to take my powerpoint presentations to and from school which is all I really use it for.

I chose a kingston because some of the sandisk drives don't work on the computers at my college, and it was cheap on ebay. I'm happy with it.

Joseph Durnal said...

I thougth I was late to the flash drive game. My one gigabyte viking was given to me by a co-worker for going above and beyond to fix her blackberry issue.

I also have a cheap 32 megabyte with the company logo that I try and use for official company business, but it is a little small.

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Andrea Allison said...

modernprincess - thanks for sharing. I only need one to back up my writing.

Joseph - Never too late to join in. Wow. A flash drive as a tip? The world did an upgrade without notifying me.

bregalad said...

I'd definitely look for size, speed, and compatibility (both USB 1.1 and 2.0) Way before worrying about looks.

That being said there's a certain James Bond aspect to having one hidden in your pen or looking like a box of matches.